Class Actions

Do you know your rights with regard to your employment, your lease or your dealings with retailers or other providers of consumer services or products? If you suspect that you have been wronged on the job or in your consumer interactions, there is a good chance that you are right.

Our attorneys at Westrup & Associates, with our main office in Long Beach, will protect your rights and explore your options for filing a class action claim or individual legal claim. We have more than 40 years of experience navigating the complex issues associated with class action claims in California.

Class Actions Make The Pursuit Of Justice Within The Reach Of Many

You may be afraid that your case is not worth enough to justify talking to a lawyer. That's exactly why our attorneys handle class action litigation claims. A class action is a procedural mechanism designed to provide an efficient means to achieve redress for widespread harm or injury by allowing one or more persons to bring the action on behalf of others similarly situated.

We are trial lawyers who work to recover compensation for consumers who have been defrauded by companies who falsely marketed products or services, and other types of consumer fraud. We help employees recover wages for lunch and rest breaks and other wages that they were wrongfully denied - and help tenants recover security deposits.

Types Of Class Action Claims

We may have an existing class action underway that you can be a part of, or you may be able to initiate your own. Our past and present class action suits have included some of the following:

  • Wage and hour violations, including:
    • Misclassification of employees
    • Failure to pay overtime
    • Failure to pay minimum wage
    • Failure to properly pay wages
    • Failure to pay required reporting time wages
    • Failure to pay wage for standby or on-call status
    • Failure to pay vested but unused PTO including vacation, personal and sick leave
    • Failure to provide meal or rest periods during the workday or pay premium wages
    • Failure to timely pay all wages owed when an employee was discharged or quit
    • Unlawful deduction from wages
    • Failure to reimburse for work-related expenses
  • Consumer fraud and unfair business practices
  • Failure to issue security deposit refunds and proper accounting for deductions
  • Unlawful request for personal information during sales transactions

If you believe that you have a wage and hour claim against your employer, you may be able to join with other employees who have the same complaint in a class action lawsuit. Or, you may be able to initiate a class action that others may join.

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