Employment Law

At Westrup & Associates, our attorneys have extensive experience handling employment law matters in Southern California. You have rights as an employee, but do you fully understand those rights?

Employees are generally trusting of their employers to know and adhere to federal and state labor and employment laws. Unfortunately, that trust is often betrayed, whether knowingly or due to carelessness. We often find that consumers and employees are unaware of their rights - or if they do know what their rights are, they do not know how to assert and protect those rights.

Types Of Employment Law Violations

Employees are victims of all types of employment law violations. These violations may be unnoticeable at first, but they need to be taken seriously. We will stand up for your rights and help you find a resolution.

Our employment lawyers have decades of experience representing employees in all types of violations, including:

We will protect your rights and guide you through your legal options. Employment law claims are complicated. You do not have to go through this alone. We will be there with you every step of the way.

Please visit our Employment Law frequently asked questions page to learn more about employment law issues and how we can help.

Experience Handling Complex Issues

Our law firm has experience representing both sides of employment law disputes. We understand the complex nature of state and federal labor laws and how employers and employees are affected. We will guide you through your case and explore all options. We also can review your employee policy manual for compliance with California law.

Our ability to handle both sides of disputes gives us a unique advantage in your case. Decades of litigation experience will go a long way in protecting your rights. You can trust that we will always put your interests first and advocate to find the best outcome for you.

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