Real Estate, Construction And Landlord-Tenant Issues

Legal matters involving real estate, construction or landlord-tenant disputes can get complex. Do you understand your legal option? At Westrup & Associates, we will help you every step of the way.

We Get To Know You And What You Are Facing

Our attorneys get to know you. We learn about the specific issues of your situation so we can diligently prepare your case. Every case is unique and needs to be carefully reviewed. We have decades of experience representing individuals in class action claimswith real estate/landlord-tenant issues.

Do you have a claim? Contact our lawyers to find out.

We represent clients throughout California in all types of disputes involving:

  • Real estate: condominium developments, bonding disputes, soil subsidence and fraud cases
  • Construction: construction defects and other major construction issues
  • Landlord-tenant: failure to return security deposit and other violations involving large management companies or property owners

We handle all cases with the care and attention they deserve. We provide effective and efficient representation to protect your rights and to find a resolution to your dispute.

Are Your Tenant Right's Being Violated?

Landlord-tenant issues are difficult to understand on your own. Tenants are often taken advantage of by landlords. Violations of your rights can result in financial losses. We will review your landlord-tenant agreement and other evidence to determine if you have a claim and what action can be taken to achieve justice.

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