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Employee privacy at work

As an employee, you have certain protections in place to guard your privacy. There are some things that legally should remain private, particularly after you have had a confidential discussion with a manager or another co-worker about a certain issue. You have the right to keep your personal life separate from your work life. However, many issues regarding employee privacy can be controversial.

Employee privacy and harassment are issues that often mix. Unfortunately, when a breach of privacy is committed, it is often accompanied by workplace harassment or bullying. If you believe that you have been a victim of workplace harassment, it is important to learn about the law and stand up for your rights.

Breaching privacy through the internet

We all store an increasing amount of information online at work. While it can be a helpful and fun thing to do, it can be at risk of being used by employers or co-workers. Legally, emails are viewed as company property rather than personal property. Emails are often used as evidence in harassment claims since using them will never be considered a breach of privacy.

However, it would be unlawful for a co-worker to log into a social media account that is not theirs in order to find personal information, perhaps using it as material for harassment, for example.

As an employee, it is vital that you know where the line is drawn when it comes to workplace harassment, and never tolerate any behavior that makes you feel manipulated or exposed. If you are a harassment victim in California, there are many ways that you can take action against this unjust treatment.

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